It's about being unforgetable

People often mistake branding for logo design, but it's more than that. Your brand is your reputation. Your promise. Your Uniqueness. It's the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and lets you own your space in the market place. It's the key vision and values you represent and want to pass on to your customers. It's the promise that you stand by and the connection you have with your audience. Your logo is a visual identifier that reflects all of these attributes. As such, it should be carefully considered when making your mark.

To build a strong brand you need to define who you are and communicate with your customers in such a way that they won't ever forget. To do this, your branding strategy should explore your companies visions, philosophies and future direction and your target audiences needs problems and emotions. Once you have identified all of these things, your marketing material needs to reflect these key brand values.

Your brand should be on every piece of marketing material that people see. Quotes, invoices, email signatures, business cards and brochures, proposals and envelopes. At any point of contact with your customer, they should see your brand. Brand awareness is the key to having people remember you when they are next in the market for your product or service.  Be everywhere.

Below are some examples of my work. Perhaps you've seen some of them around?

Kiwi Boutique LogoWhat's for Lunch? LogoLamb Country Logo Competition EntryRoaring Forties Logo

Star Connections LogoTriplepeak Adventures LogoTriplepeak Catering LogoPrimal Management Logo

CHB Toy LibraryRylstone BnB LogoNurse Navigator LogoLatitude 40º South Logo