SEO Basics

I often get asked "How do I get on the front page of google?"

Or the other question often asked is "I had a phone call saying they could get me on the front page of google instantly but it will cost me $300 a month. Should I do it?"

The answer to both these questions are related in part to the outcomes you want. The first question I ask is "Is part of your digital marketing strategy looking at long term or a quick fix?" Organic results? Or paid results? Organic Results are the results shown on a white background when doing a search. This is what I would recommend trying to achieve as opposed to a quick fix of paying for traffic from adwords campaigns which are the results shown at the top of the page with a yellow background. Organic results are achieved when people find your content by searching for very specific key words which are contained in your text. Use these keywords in 3 key areas:

  • Titles
  • Meta information
  • Links

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure your pages use search engine friendly links.

These are really the tip of the iceberg when you are talking about SEO.  To find out more, give me a call on 0800 33 80 80 and I will talk you through some other options over coffee.  My shout.

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