Are you getting found in google?

Owning a website is all about having effective communication with your intended target audience but how do you know that communication has been effective? How do you know that your website goals are being achieved?

To answer those questions you have to know what you want to achieve with your site and how you are going to measure it. When you have a specific goal for your page, and are able to measure the response to that page, you are able to make informed decisions about what works and what doesn't.

For example, when people are searching for a specific product, say "left handed golf clubs" for example, they want that information and that information only. They don't want Tiger woods signed golf clubs, or information about the golf club down the road. Therefore why should your visitor have to wade through that information on your website? If your product is specific, it should have a specific page dedicated to it that includes those search terms people are most likely to search on. So choose search terms people are likely to use and include it in your product description.


Titles are used in Googles ranking algorithms to indicate that the page is "most likely about" what the title says. The title also appears at the top of the browser eg: that grey bar at the top of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are bits of information in the page coding that google reads but is not visible to the visitor.  The key meta tags are the "description" and "keywords" meta tags that google uses to rank your page.  It's a fine line to get it right.  Use too many keywords and google will rank you lower.  Use too few and you may not get found.

Calls to action

Now that you have a visitor what do you want them to do? The direction should be clear and include a verb. Go here now. Download this now. Fill this out etc.

A phone number!

Most likely you would like to interact face to face wth your clients so having your phone number clearly visible is very important.

If you need help with any of these things on your own site, call me on 0800 33 80 80

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